To File a Grievance:

1. Fill out a Statement of Occurrence Form (click link).

2. Fax or E-mail it to the Local office (205-942-3431).

3. A Steward should contact you within 24 hours. If not, contact the Local immediately, 205-945-1979.

Grievances must be filed at the first level by a Local Job Steward with few exceptions. Terminations will be handled by the Departmental Vice President.

All grievances must be filed in a timely manner. Each contract is different. File your grievance immediately to be sure we have time to process it.

Remember, if you are called into a meeting it is your responsibility to ask for union representation. Ask, "Is there any possibilty that discipline may occur, now or in the future, as a consequence of this meeting."  If the answer is yes, you are entitled to representation. Once you have asked for representation the company must stop the meeting until a Union representative arrives.