Just After the Election

Local President Steve Monk,  CWA President Chris Shelton,  and Network Vice President Ed Brazier.

The Perfect Storm

We are preparing to enter what may be the toughest round of bargaining we have seen since the formation of our Union.  In fact, we may be heading into the "perfect storm", for those who saw the movie.

Forces are at work over which we have little control, or at least no choice.  Randal Stephenson's career is winding down.  Some believe history will reflect a failed chairmanship.  Though the company's profits are out the roof, the company has been weakened under his leadership.  The fear is he believes he can salvage his legacy by defeating us.

After years of CWA betting its future on the thin promise and hope for political solutions, we are about to elect a Union man to lead us once again.  He has before him a monumental task.  He must unite us and prepare us for the fight to come.  The giant he is about to do battle with makes Goliath look like a runt. 

We must use everything we have to prevail. We must lean on our experienced leaders for the knowledge and understanding they have gained over time.  We must look to our youth for the energy and vitality they bring to our cause.  Only together do we have any chance of winning.  We are the favorite when we stick together. 

It will not be easy.  Staying together is the hard part.  Natural forces work to divide us everyday.  Friction in the work place, different personalities, egos, and so much more are the norm.  And the company is no slouch when it comes to bargaining.  They will work to divide us in many ways. 

They are notorious for their propoganda efforts. Already we are being told discounts on company products are part of our compensation package. The timing of such is obvious. They are trying to condition us to accept less than we deserve.  Some among us will fall for it.

The storm is upon us.  Our new leaders have promised; Bargaining will be different this time around.  This may be a marathon rather than a sprint.  But we can almost certainly expect  the going to be rough.



Speaking of CEO's, doesn't it seem like they used to be a better class of people? Well, they were, or at least they seemed to be. There is a reason for that.  We used to demand more from them.
The corporate mission changed drastically after the tax cuts of the 1980's.  Those so called cuts were really a re-structuring of the tax code. Prior to those changes, CEO's were judged by the strength of the companies. Did their stocks pay a good dividend, and were they being managed in a way to keep them sound for the future?
Today, again thanks to changes in the tax code, the question for the CEO is;  How can we tear these companies down, sell them off piece by piece and keep the money for ourselves?  
There is a revolution taking place in America today. On one side are the corporate elites.  On the other side is you and me. It really is that simple.  It is not about Democrats or Republicans. We have enemies on both sides of the political aisle, and a few friends. We must pick and choose those who will help us the most or hurt us the least, regardless of their party affiliation.
If  the corporate ruling class wins, Unions and the middle class die. If we win, it will be one battle at a time. So much has already been lost we must now re- fight battles our parents won years ago. The battle rages. You must decide, middle class or no class? Join the battle.

 A little Poem Just For "AT&T/ Verizon" Workers.....
When from this earth I take my leave,
The corporation will not grieve.
The work I did will be absorbed,
Redistributed, or just ignored.
But by that time I will not care,
Floating on celestial air.
An angel greets me by the Gate,
Says I do not have to wait.
St. Peter gives me a knowing smile,
As I move beyond the rank and file.
Beyond Mother Theresa and the Pope,
Past the man who created liquid soap
(Cleanliness being next to Godliness, you know.)
As thus it is said to be so.
I stand in awe before the Gate.
In dreadful anticipation do I wait.
To hear the voice of God decree??
Just what fate He has for me.
I think of all the wrong I've done,
The fear erases all the fun.
And suddenly I fear the worst!
The never ending flames and thirst.
But just as I abandoned hope,
And wished that I'd invented soap,
His gentle voice allays my fears,
Soothes my soul and dries my tears;
Enter, friend, you have had your hell.
I understand you worked for Bell.