Just After the Election

Local President Steve Monk,  CWA President Chris Shelton,  and Network Vice President Ed Brazier.




 A little Poem Just For "AT&T/ Verizon" Workers.....
When from this earth I take my leave,
The corporation will not grieve.
The work I did will be absorbed,
Redistributed, or just ignored.
But by that time I will not care,
Floating on celestial air.
An angel greets me by the Gate,
Says I do not have to wait.
St. Peter gives me a knowing smile,
As I move beyond the rank and file.
Beyond Mother Theresa and the Pope,
Past the man who created liquid soap
(Cleanliness being next to Godliness, you know.)
As thus it is said to be so.
I stand in awe before the Gate.
In dreadful anticipation do I wait.
To hear the voice of God decree??
Just what fate He has for me.
I think of all the wrong I've done,
The fear erases all the fun.
And suddenly I fear the worst!
The never ending flames and thirst.
But just as I abandoned hope,
And wished that I'd invented soap,
His gentle voice allays my fears,
Soothes my soul and dries my tears;
Enter, friend, you have had your hell.
I understand you worked for Bell.